Pre-Law Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Pre-Law consists of 19 credit hours offered through several departments and programs throughout the university. The minor will consist of a two-semester prerequisite class called "Introduction to Law I and II" (PS 1182/1192), as well as the requirement that a student take PHI 1113 Introduction to Logic, and a Constitutional Law class (PS 3063, 3073, or AAS 3043/PS 3043) or Principles of Legal Writing (EN 4223). At least 9 of the 19 hours must be at the 3000 or 4000 level.

The Pre-Law minor is designed to be a curriculum that is consistent with the best practice in preparing undergraduates for the study of law. It has an interdisciplinary focus, creates a practicum like common experience, and focuses on analytic skill development. It will assist students in determining whether they desire to attend law school and will provide exposure to what they will encounter should they decide to attend law school.

To declare a minor in Pre-law students must complete and submit the Pre-Law Minor form.

Program of Study & Completion Requirements

Pre-Law Minor Core Hours
PHI 1113 Introduction to Logic 3
PS 1182 Introduction to Law I 2
PS 1192 Introduction to Law II 2
Choose one of the following: 3
AAS/PS 3043 Modern Civil Rights Law
PS 3063 Constitutional Powers
AAS/PS 3043 Modern Civil Rights Law
PS 3073 Civil Liberties
EN 4223 Principles of Legal Writing
Elective Courses: Must be from at least two different disciplines 9 Hours
African American Studies
AAS 3043 Modern Civil Rights Law
AAS 4983 African Americans and the Law
Agricultural Economics
AEC 4413 Public Problems of Agriculture
AN 4633 Language and Society
BL 2413 The Legal Environment of Business
BL 3223 The Law of Commercial Transactions
BL 3233 Business Law for Resorts
BL 4263 Environmental Law
BL 4273 International Business Law
BL 4333 Real Estate Law
CO 4243 Rhetorical Theory
CO 4253 Elements of Persuasion
CO 4313 Mass Media Law
CRM 3343 Gender, Crime, and Justice
CRM 3353 Race, Crime, and Justice
CRM 4243 Drugs, Crime, and Control
CRM 4253 White Collar Crime and Elite Deviance
CRM 4323 Victimology
CRM 4513 Correctional Systems
EC 4043 Survey of Economics
EC 4223 Labor Law and Employment Policy
EN 2243 American Literature Before 1865
EN 2253 American Literature After 1865
EN 2273 World Literature Before 1600
EN 2283 World Literature After 1600
EN 4223 Principles of Legal Writing
Foreign Languages
FLL 1113 Latin I
FLL 1123 Latin II
FLL 2133 Latin III
FLL 2143 Latin IV
Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion
FNH 4333 Food Law
FO 4353 Natural Resource Law
Health Care Administration
HCA 3813 Healthcare Regulations
HI 3903 Historiography and Historical Method
INS 3103 Principles of Insurance
PHI 1103 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 1123 Introduction to Ethics
PHI 3113 Philosophy of Law
Political Science
PS 2403 Introduction to Political Theory
PS 3063 Constitutional Powers
PS 3073 Civil Liberties
PS 3183 Law and Politics
PS 4113 State Government
PS 4173 Legislative Process
PS 4183 Judicial Process
PS 4193 Mississippi Judicial System
PS 4263 Mississippi Government and Politics
PS 4313 Principles of International Law
PSY 4353 Psychology and the Law
SO 3343 Gender, Crime, and Justice
SO 3353 Race, Crime, and Justice
SO 4243 Drugs, Crime, and Control
SO 4253 White Collar Crime and Elite Deviance
SO 4523 Law and Society
SO 4633 Language and Society
Sports Administration
SS 3203 Sport Law
Total Hours 19
PSPA Bowen Hall seal