Affiliated Research Institutes and Centers

Stennis Institute of Government

Although often referred to as Mississippi's think tank, the John C. Stennis Institute of Government is much more. If the legislature needs a definitive study on the effects of a change in state law, a municipal government desires a salary survey, or an association of government officials requests training on the latest legal issues, the Institute responds with its wide variety of resources.

The Institute is often called on to provide technical assistance and consultation to local governments and community leaders regarding economic and community development matters. Foundations look to Stennis for quality research and study of public policy issues. And the Institute has on staff trained facilitators who can lead community groups through discursive discourse on topics ranging from of local issues of genuine public conflict, to land use planning initiatives, to community capacity building, to more ethereal discussions about confidence in government, electing or appointing judges, amendments in ethics legislation and the like.

Based at Mississippi's land grant university, the Institute also focuses on students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences who seek careers in public service.

To learn more about the Stennis Institute of Government, visit their website by clicking here.

Social Science Research Center

The mission of the Social Science Research Center is to conduct research on social, economic, political, human resource and social-environmental problems facing the state, nation and world; to provide a support system for the university to plan, develop, secure funding for and conduct social research on problems of interest to the scientific community and to consumers of research findings; to provide a mechanism whereby existing social science research capabilities in the university can be matched with funding sources; to contribute to the university's graduate and undergraduate programs by involving students in research projects through assistantships and other work arrangements; and to provide a vehicle for unique social research and public service programs that do not fit more traditional academic structures.

The Center also recognizes as part of its mission the importance of combining expertise and capacities of multiple institutions, disciplines and professions in addressing complex problems. The Center seeks to develop perspectives and approaches that lead to effective cooperative investigations.

To learn more about the Social Science Research Center, visit their website by clicking here.

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