MPPA Mission, Public Service Values, and Goals

MPPA Mission, Public Service Values, and Goals

Mission Statement

MPPA Program Mission

The Master of Public Policy and Administration program strives to professionalize and diversify state and local government in Mississippi and the region. The program prepares persons to serve effectively as public administrators at the national, state, and local levels of government.

Public Service Values

The public services values emphasized by our program are reflected in our mission, goals, curriculum, and program activities. The MSU MPPA Program Public Service Values are:

  1. Democratic values: public administration professionals must observe and respect the rule of law as they contribute to their organization’s efforts to serve the public interest.
  2. Professional Values: public administration professionals must serve with competence, excellence, efficiency, objectivity, and impartiality.
  3. Ethical Values: public administration professionals must act at all times in ways that uphold the public trust.

Strategic Goals

MSU MPPA Program Goals

The MPPA Program at Mississippi State University has adopted the following goals that support our mission:

  1. Prepare outstanding public service leaders.
  2. Demonstrate faculty excellence in teaching, scholarship, outreach, and professional service.
  3. Demonstrate excellence in student support activities.
  4. Build and maintain the program’s administrative and governance capacity.
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