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Mississippi Poll

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Steve Shaffer

Office: Bowen Hall, Rm 198
Phone: (662) 325-7861
Email: kauai@pspa.msstate.edu


The Mississippi Poll is a service to the people of Mississippi and MSU students and faculty. Citizens can learn the average opinion about important public issues and do not have to depend on any public official or the mass media to learn the views of Mississippians. MSU students and faculty can use the Mississippi Poll to conduct original research, which results in persentations at professional association meetings and publishing in refereed journals and other scholarly avenues.

The Mississippi Poll is conducted by undergraduate political science majors at MSU—supervised by our graduate students—under the overall direction of Professor Steve Shaffer. State-of-the-art polling facilities at MSU's Social Science Research Center are used to poll people. Every two years, we contact approximately 600 adult Mississippi residents, and ask about 100 questions regarding political issues. Our first poll was conducted in 1981 and our most recent was in 2008.

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Contact Info

Department of Political Science
and Public Administration
Department Phone: 662.325.2711
Department Fax: 662.325.2716
Mailing Address: P. O. Box PC
Mississippi State University, MS 39762
Department Office: 105 Bowen Hall
Email address:polscipubadm@pspa.msstate.edu