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MSU's MPPA program ranked nationally in top 100 graduate programs (2011-02-17)

Mississippi State University's MPPA program secured a top 100 spot of nationally ranked graduate programs focusing on public affairs, according to U.S. News and World Report's 2011 rankings.

The rankings permit future graduate students to see what type of school best fits individual needs. MSU's MPPA program has grown steadily and produces top candidates for public service each semester.

Dr. P. Edward French, MPPA graduate coordinator and professor, said the U.S. News and World Report gives a good view of all public and private universities nationwide.

"This is something that our faculty has known all along," French said, of the top 100 ranking. "Fortunately, others are starting to take notice."

The MPPA program gives students an opportunity to get hands-on experience in government service. Faculty members encourage students to take part in regional and national conferences such as the American Society for Public Administration and Southeastern Conference for Public Administration.

The MPPA Capstone Project teams students together to tackle administrative issues in Mississippi. The class incorporates prior learning into a tangible format. Students help localities with issues ranging from policy implementation and human resources to marketing and financial planning.

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