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Roberto Gallardo, Ph.D. student, featured on NPR for writing a three-piece series examining rural America in the 21st Century. (2010-07-30)

Mississippi State University Ph.D. student Roberto Gallardo was featured in a July 27 story by NPR Nebraska affiliate NET radio about the increasing amount of young people in some rural Nebraska counties.

Roberto focused on how rural America has changed during the last decade. He used guidelines for non-core counties based on 2003 OMB statistical core definitions. Roberto found increases in these Nebraska counties came primarily from Hispanics and African-Americans. The NPR story talked about how the meat packing industry drew large amounts of minorities to these Nebraska counties, which correlated with Roberto's research about changes in population growth in terms of race and ethnicity, age groups and educational attainment.

Roberto's overall research found some counties nationwide saw an increase of seniors and a decrease of those persons under 25. Also, he found the few counties where the share of whites increased were the same where the share of Hispanics decreased.

Although the national average of those persons with a bachelor's degree or higher has increased since 1990, Roberto found the increase unequal across counties. Few pockets of highly educated counties are capturing the majority of the more educated people while an increasing number of counties are lagging the national average.

An overview of Roberto's research can be found online at The Daily Yonder. Roberto is a research associate with MSU's Southern Rural Development Center and working on his dissertation in the Ph.D. program.

Congratulations Roberto!

July 27 story
The Daily Yonder

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