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Stich Appointed as Associate Director for Transportation Policy at the John C Stennis Insitute for Government (2012-01-31)

Dr. Stich will lead a new Transportation Policy group at the John C. Stennis Institute for Government and Community Development. The duties and responsibilities of the Associate Director are as follows:

• Represent the Transportation Policy and Economic
Modeling area on the SIG team
• Provide oversight and management responsibility for
budget and personnel in the Transportation Policy and
Economic Modeling area
• Provide technical leadership in transportation policy
and economic modeling and analysis and associated
• Initiate research activities in Transportation Policy
and Economic Development
• Build interdisciplinary research teams to address
funding opportunities that arise in Transportation
Policy and Economic Development
• Develop and enhance relationships with federal, state,
local and private partners to the fullest extent
possible, forming collaboration and coordinating
relationships resulting in research and development
activities with MSU and national/international teams
• Serve as the Transportation Policy liaison between
Mississippi State University and Unmanned Aircraft
Systems University Partners
• Represent MSU on national, state and local committees
and boards
• Oversee graduate students working on externally funded
Transportation Policy and Economic Development
research projects.

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