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Mississippi State to send 14 to the Southeastern Conference for Public Administration (2011-08-10)

Mississippi State will send six faculty members, a post-doc and 7 PhD students to SECoPA September 21-24 in New Orleans, LA.

Faculty members include: Dr. P. Edward French, Dr. Barbara Patrick, Dr. Dragan Stanisevski and Dr. Bethany Stich from the Political Science & Public Administration Department; Dr. Arthur G. Cosby from the Social Science Research Center; and Dr. Roberto Gallardo from the Southern Rural Development Center.

Also attending is Post-Doc Joseph Holland from the Geosystems Research Institute and PhD students Isla Schuchs Carr, Melissa C. Emerson, Robert D. Eskridge, Luke Fowler, Tonya T. Neaves, Stephanie Pink and Beth M. Rauhaus.

Papers include:
Using GIS to Communicate Across Government Agencies; Enhancing Disaster Response and Recovery Efforts through Communication - Dallas Breen

The Extent of Cluster-Based Policies and the Political/Institutional Context: A Collective Case Study Roberto Gallardo, Southern Rural Development Center, and Bethany Stich, Mississippi State University

Research Universities as Engines of Economic Growth: An Examination of Factors that Impact Local Economies Stephanie A. Pink, Mississippi State University

Cultural Punctuations and the Evolution of U.S. Energy Policy Luke Fowler, Tonya T. Neaves and Arthur G. Cosby, Mississippi State University

Ethical Considerations of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Melissa C. Emerson, Mississippi State University

The Social Construction of Disasters in the United States: Cultural and Historical Phenomena Tonya T. Neaves, Mississippi State University, and Aaron Wachhaus, Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg

Reverse 911®: An Emergency Manager Tool for the 2007 San Diego County Wildfires Tonya Thornton-Neaves and Arthur G. Cosby, Mississippi State University

Using the Adapted Cities Framework To Evaluate Per Capita Expenditures In Small U.S. Cities Robert D. Eskridge, P. Edward French and Dragon Stanisevski, Mississippi State University

Market Centered Performance Reforms and Citizen Induced Financial Sanctions in Education: Is There Public Support? Barbara Patrick, Mississippi State University

Can a Container on a Barge Fill Our Big Box Store Needs? Bethany Stich, Mississippi State University

Planning and Economic Development Implications of Transportation Disruptions Judy Holland, Mississippi State University

Glass Walls and Representative Bureaucracy: A New Theoretical Approach in Achieving Representation in Government Beth M. Rauhaus, Mississippi State University

Gender and Ethnicity: Are We Truly Narrowing the Gap in Public Human Resource Administration? P. Edward French, Mississippi State University, and Doug Goodman, University of Texas at Dallas

The Impact of E-Government on Representative Bureaucracy Luke Fowler, Mississippi State University

Assessing States' Efforts to Develop Highly Qualified Educational Workforces: Are There Organizational and Political Barriers? Isla Schuchs Carr, Mississippi State University

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