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Dr. Mary McThomas to work on postdoctoral political theory project at Brown University (2011-03-28)

Dr. Mary McThomas will spend the next academic year working on a political theory project with Brown University.

The postdoctoral project invigorates the study of institutions and ideas that make societies free, prosperous and fair. This involves not only the normative concerns characteristic of the humanities, nor only the empirical and institutional methods of social sciences, but a synthesis of humanistic and social scientific tools.

Each year, the Political Theory Project brings to Brown a dynamic, intellectually diverse group of scholars. Scholars pursue their own research, participate in various project-sponsored events on campus and add an array of challenging new courses to the Brown undergraduate curriculum.

Postdoctoral scholars come from a variety of disciplines, including political science, philosophy, economics, and history. They participate in various campus workshops and seminars including: the PTP Working Group; the Political Philosophy Workshop (PPW); Race and Inequality Seminar; and the John Carter Brown Library Fellows Luncheons.

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