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Undergraduate Internships

If you are interested in interning for Congress or with some other government agency, you should know such internships are highly sought after, so it is important to strengthen your own credentials. In addition to maintaining a respectable grade-point average, you should make contact with important people outside the classroom. Faithful involvement in politically relevant student organizations is a great way to meet influential people who can help you later on. Some of the most helpful student organizations on campus are the College Republicans, Young Democrats, College Conservatives, MSU Libertarians, the Pre-Law Society, and the Model Security Council. They sometimes advertise meetings in the university's newspaper, The Reflector. Look for posts under the section "club news." Or call Student Life, ask who the faculty adviser is, and they can put you in touch with the student presidents. You can also visit the organizations' websites by clicking here.

Former student interns can give you the inside information about the internship process. Our department's Stennis, Barbour and Collins Scholars frequently intern. Ask them about their experiences when you see them in class. Click here and see pictures of the Stennis Scholars. Information about our Barbour and Collins Scholars can be obtained by clicking on the "Our Students" link on our departmental homepage.

The Stennis Montgomery Association provides a great networking opportunity. The Association, an MSU organization advised by Dr. Marty Wiseman, sends students to intern in Washington, D.C., every semester. Learn More!

To intern with a Congressman during the summer, you should contact their office no later than November. They typically make decisions in January. Ask for the person handling internships, and they will send you the application form. Your letters of recommendation should provide detailed and positive information about you. To learn how to contact your U.S. House member, click here.

We suggest you apply to both of the state's U.S. senators. To get contact information for them, click here. Learn more about your congressional representative, district, and senators by checking the Politics in America reference book in the library.

To learn about other internships in Washington D.C., click the listings below:

About to graduate?

You should seek out internships and jobs with other federal governmental agencies. To learn about the numerous federal agencies, access their websites by clicking on the following entries:

Don't dismiss internship and job opportunities closer to home. Numerous state agencies in Mississippi offer paid and volunteer internships. Visit agency websites and find the right fit for you. Then contact the agency by phone to ask about internship possibilities. The state legislature also has some job opportunities for post graduates. Check out their websites:

You can also learn about internships in particular areas that interest you by doing a search on the internet. We suggest a broader search that includes numerous search engines, such as Metacrawler. To search using Metacrawler, click here.

The more you know about an internship, the stronger your credentials for the position. The more connections you have, the greater your chance of obtaining a desirable internship. Take advantage of outside-class experiences to meet influential people. Learn about the agency or office you wish to work with by studying their website and talking to people who have worked there. Engage in "networking" by attending departmental activities, being active in student organizations, and meeting influential people at events off campus. Also, seek the advice of your professors, who have often helped other students obtain desirable internships.

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