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Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration

Ph. D. Advisor

Dr. Dragan Stanisevski
Associate Professor

Office: Bowen Hall, Rm. 193
Phone: (662) 325-7865
Email: dstanisevski@pspa.msstate.edu


The Department of Political Science and Public Administration offers the Ph.D. in public policy and administration with a diverse faculty maintaining a broad research agenda. In addition, a significant number of the department's faculty members possess governmental service experience. The degree program has a favorable faculty-to-student ratio that permits close contact with faculty. Students are encouraged and given the opportunities to engage in a variety of research projects in many areas of public administration and public policy. Ph.D. students are especially encouraged and allowed to do funded research work with faculty members and have opportunities to teach. Teamwork and collegiality are highly cultivated values in this environment.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy and Administration (Ph.D.) concentrates on the application of theory to administrative practices in the public sector and nonprofit organizations and on the environment in which these organizations function.

Program graduates will possess the skills to delve into complex policy issues and create organizational conditions that enable public and nonprofit organizations to achieve their public policy objectives. Program graduates will be prepared to teach and conduct research in public policy, public administration and American politics. MSU's program strives to increase the racial and gender diversity of governmental, nonprofit and academic organizations. Students complete 45 hours of course work beyond the master's degree and a dissertation. The course work includes a nine-hour elective concentration. Extensive information about the program is available in our department's Ph.D. Manual.

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