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Distinguished Jurist

Whit Waide

Faculty Advisor

Mr. Whit Waide

Assistant Clinical Professor
Office: 199 Bowen Hall
Phone: 662-325-7860
Email: whit.waide@msstate.edu


Every year during Spring Semester, PLS officers select an MSU Distinguished Jurist Award Winner. PLS established the Award in 1977. Though there is no set criteria for winning the award, PLS usually gives great consideration to lawyers and judges who attended Mississippi State, who have a connection with the university, or who have attained great national prominence as a judge or lawyer and may not have received the recognition PLS feels he or she deserves.

PLS welcomes nominations from all Mississippi State alumni. To nominate, please email the nominee's name and a brief description of the reason the person is being nominated to msuprelawsociety@gmail.com

Past Recipients of the Distinguished Jurist Award
1977Justice Tom Clark, United States Supreme Court
1978Judge Frank Johnson, United States District Court (M.D. Ala.)
1979Judge William Keady, United States District Court (N.D.Miss.)
1980Judge Orma Smith, United States District Court (N.D. Miss)
1981Hon. Archibald Cox, Harvard Law professor, Watergate prosecutor, Solicitor General of the United States
1982Chief Judge J.P. Coleman, United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and former Governor of Mississippi
1983Judge Griffin Bell, United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and former Attorney General of the United States
1984Chief Justice Neville Patterson, Mississippi Supreme Court
1985Chief Judge Charles Clark, United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
1986Judge Robert Broomfield, United States District Court (Ariz.)
1987Judge Kaliste Saloom, Jr., City of Lafayette, Louisiana
1988Chief Justice Mary S. Coleman, Michigan Supreme Court
1989Chancellor Robert Oswald, Sixteenth District of Mississippi
1990Hon. Edward H. Levi, former Attorney General of the United States and President Emeritus of the University of Chicago
1991Justice Lenore Prather, Mississippi Supreme Court
1992Judge U.W. Clemon, United States District Court (N.D. Ala.)
1993Judge William Webster, United States Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency
1994Chief Judge Edward Robinson, Jr., Missouri Supreme Court
1995Judge Rosemary Barkett, United States Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals
1996Chancellor John C. Love, Jr., Sixth District of Mississippi and Chairman of Mississippi Judicial Performance Commission
1997Chief Judge John J. Fraiser, Jr., Mississippi Court of Appeals
1998Justice Antonin Scalia, United States Supreme Court
1999Chief Judge Norma H. Johnson, United States District Court (D.C.)
2000Chancellor Sebe Dale, Jr., Tenth District of Mississippi
2001Judge Gary Schmidt, Circuit Court of Moniteau County, Missouri
2002Chief Justice Edwin L. Pittman, Mississippi Supreme Court
2003Judge William Alsup, United States District Court (N.D. Cal.)
2004Judge Mary Libby Payne, Mississippi Court of Appeals
2005Judge Keith Starrett, United States District Court (S.D. Miss.)
2006Chief Justice Frank Williams, Rhode Island Supreme Court
2007Chief Judge Leslie King, Mississippi Court of Appeals
2008Judge Elizabeth P. Hines, State of Michigan, Fifteenth Judicial District
2009Chief Justice William L. (Bill) Waller, Mississippi Supreme Court

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